About "Miss Erika"

"Miss Erika" is a womenswear label owned solely by Hoda Wahdan, and established in June 2008.

"Miss Erika" is here to reinvent and rejuvenate the fashion industry’s definition of style. Hoda's Egyptian background has a significant influence on her designs, with a strong emphasis on colour and free flowing form.
Her fusion of Arabian and Asian textiles while having Australian influences has catapulted "Miss Erika" into defining a new league of its own - that is, 'Glamourous Streetwear'.

"Miss Erika" is aimed at women of all nationalities and religions.
With fabrics from Egypt, Turkey, India and Australia, this reinforces Miss Erika’s vision of a multicultural label, banding us all together under the one fashion umbrella.
The "Miss Erika" label is fun, colourful, flirty and bold. It includes colourful playsuits, flirty summer dresses, short evening dresses, classy backless tunics, fur hooded bodysuits, patterned silk one-pieces, to name a few.
"Miss Erika" endeavours to remain Very Exclusive in its range of designs.

In its third year of production, “Miss Erika” recently expanded to include swimwear & resortwear, jewellery and purses. In the coming years, Hoda endeavours to further expand into accessories, scarves, heels, belts and makeup.
Hoda's plan is for "Miss Erika" to be an international empire, a one-stop-shop for all needs and wants of women everywhere globally.

Hoda is dedicated to increasing self confidence and self awareness in women globally and promoting positive body image, especially among her younger clientele, with a focus on accepting and loving yourselves no matter your skin colour or background.
Furthermore, Hoda's passion is to encourage, support and motivate women to become the ambitious, independent and successful women of tomorrow.


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